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Joe Duddell caused quite a stir

and so should Ruby his

percussion concerto for Colin

Currie and the Bournemouth

Symphony Orchestra (More)

Robert Maycock, The Independent


Freaky Dancer

It has a minimal quality to it, but

it also has an incredible groove


Bill Kanengiser

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet


Four (mere) Bagatelles

had a wonderful clarity and

assurance, expressed most

tellingly in the chords of the

third bagatelle, which reached

a positively serene


Rian Evans, The Guardian


Ode to English

Delicate and elegiac, furthest

removed from celebratory

indulgence, Duddell set Grace

Nichol’s Ode to English with

artful simplicity

Tom Service, The Guardian



It’s elegantly crafted block-

structure with a constant

interplay of metre and rhythmic

pattern managed to intrigue the

ear in a way that imprints itself

quite firmly in the mind (More)

Rian Evans, The Guardian



Snowblind is a sharply focused

piece of writing in three

distinctive movements (More)

Kenneth Walton, The Scotsman

Duddell’s concerto, which is

being premiered on this tour is

a fabulous addition to a

percussion repertoire too long

on pyrotechnics and short on

quality (More)

Susan Nickalls, Edinburgh Evening



Elbow & the Hallé

***** (5 stars)

Earns the very rare honor of a

standing ovation after only the

first half (read more)

Dave Simson, The Guardian


Elbow and the Hallé

stretched and turned the

existing orchestrations into

spellbinding flights of fancy.

(read more)

Kat Dibbits, Bury Times


Elbow & the Hallé

***** (5 stars)

a night set to be instantly

etched in Mancunian folklore

(Read more)

Gideon Brody, Music OMH


New Order & ACO

**** (4 stars)

Glorious arrangements make

for a moving retrospective

(read more)

Andrew Street, The Guardian


New Order & ACO

A win for the band, orchestra

and audience. A rarity to be

celebrated (read more)

Bernard Zuel, The Sydney Morning



Nero & BBC Philharmonic

The result though was an

exhilarating listen. The

symphony soared and

brooded, building to a powerful

final section

Elizabeth Mahoney, The Guardian


James & Orchestra of the


**** (4 stars) 

On all these songs the band,

orchestra and choir dance in

perfect harmony. And when that

unity peaks with Sometimes the

prolonged standing ovation says

it all

Sarah Walters, Manchester City Life


Steve Mason & No. 6 Ensemble

As strings soar at the mental

disquiet of Mason’s Dr. Baker,

sunlight streams through the

windows behind him. William-Ellis

hoped his creation, Portmeirion,

would remind people how life can

be lived better with beauty. No. 6

honours that dream.

The Independent