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The Realside

Solo soprano, solo tenor, mixed chorus and organ

1999, 12 minutes

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Performance Notes

The Realside is an attempt to reconcile the dichotomy of feelings towards religion and, in particular, the notion of an ‘after

life’ from an agnostic point of viewpoint.  The text was dervied from various sources such as the Bible, poetry and lyrics

from pop songs which are paraphrased or alluded to not only in the text but also in the music.

The solo soprano represents the spiritual side of the argument, whereas the solo tenor represents the agnostic,

pessimistic side.  There is no narrative as such, but there are discernible sections which correspond to certain experiences

and thoughts.  The tonal language is diatonic to ensure that the ‘pop’ elements can be fully integrated into the composition

without sounding alien to the work as a whole.

Key performances

World Premiere - BBC Singers 75th anniversary


Venue: St Johns, London, UK

Conductor: Bo Holton

Performers: BBC Singers, Her Majesty's Sagbutts and Cornets

Performance - Spitalfields Festival


Venue: Spitalfields, London, UK

Conductor: Stephen Cleobury

Performers: BBC Singers / Her Majesty's Sagbutts and Cornetts

National Premier


Venue: St. Michael's Episcopal Church, New York, USA

Performers: Choir of St. Michael's New York; Clare College Choir



Venue: Temple Church, London, UK

Conductor: Mark Forkgen

Performers: Canticum