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Parallel Lines

For perccussion and piano

1999, 11 minutes

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Programme Notes

This piece forms part of a triptych of duos written in 1999.  The others being Fracture for Alto Sax & Piano and Shiver &

Shake for Trumpet & Piano.  The principal behind all three pieces is an attempt to achieve equality between the two

instruments rather than solo with piano accompaniment.  The title is simply a reference to the many parallel lines within a

piano and the tuned percussion instruments employed and, as ever, derives from a pop source; namely the classic

Blondie album of the same name. The piece lasts 10 minutes and was commissioned by the BBC for Music Live in

Glasgow in 1999. It was premiered by Colin Currie and James Pearson.

Key performances

World Premiere - BBC Music Live 1999


Venue: Royal Concert Hall,Glasgow, UK

Performers: Colin Currie, percussion; James Pearson, piano

Performance - BBC Young Musician of the Year Wigmore Series


Venue: Wigmore Hall, London, UK

Performers: Lucy Beeson, percussion

Performance - Rheingau Musik Festival 2005


Venue: Kurhaus, Friedrich-von-Thiersch-Saal, Wiesbaden, Germany

Performers: Colin Currie, Marimbaphon

Performance - Moritzburg Festival 2006


Venue: Ev. Kirche, Moritzburg, Germany

Performers: Colin Currie, Schlagzeug; N.N., Klavier

Performance - Colorado Music Festival 2007


Venue: Chautauqua Auditorium, Colorado, USA

Performers: Colin Currie, percussion; Vivenne Spy, piano

Performance - St Magnus Festival 2009


Venue: Pickaquoy Centre, Kirkwall, UK

Performers: Colin Currie, percussion; Richard Casey, piano